World Maternal Mental Health Day

Today marks the day where we acknowledge and bring to light the important subject of maternal mental health and how greatly people are affected by issues after the birth of their baby (and sometimes while pregnant as well!) We need to remove the stigma attached to mental health issues. Please feel validated with your own feelings. Sometimes being a parent is not all butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes when we are pregnant, we don’t feel glowing or over the moon excited and THAT IS OK. 
When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I openly wept, like a highschool girl finding out she’s pregnant after prom. I had just had my son 7 months prior and was suffering from Postpartum depression already so this through me for a loop. It took a very long time for me to feel the excitement associated with a new pregnancy, but I kept that a secret. I didn’t want people to think I was some kind of monster. I mean, I should be happy right? I had another bundle on the way. I fought those demons silently and cried a lot while I was alone. When I finally opened up to my doctor, she made me feel “normal” and accepted. She acknowledged my feelings and diagnosed me with PPD. I was lucky. Not all pregnant people have a supportive primary caregiver or support system. We need to reach out to our family members, friends and loved ones who have just had a baby and check in, REALLY check in, to see that they are OK. Be an ear, not a judge.